LINO is a collection of cocktail purses and pouches made from flooring PVC. The project was created in the spirit of the upcycling philosophy.  Changing the structures, forming new shapes and giving new functions add graceful beauty to material usually associated with floor coverings. This minimalistic line of accessories comes in three colours, beige, gray and black; each of them corresponding to a twin from nature: wood, stone and coal. Lino is the result of creative experiments and a search for new materials. The author's technique revolves around creation of her own tools, moulds and machine.

The project is constantly developing.



Polar Bear is an armchair inspired by the majestic Arctic animal. It's a project in which we can return to the world of childhood and dreams. 
Combination of a comfy chair with a functional reading lamp and blanket.
The bear's right paw serves as a blanket for the reader, whilst the left paw has a hidden light switch. Press it and the lights located in the bear's eyes will light up.